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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Engler-Bunte-Institut, Water Chemistry and Water Technology

Prof. Dr. Harald Horn

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Special Issue in the Journal Microorganisms

A Special Issue was published on Microbe Electrode Electron Transfer: Understanding Interactions from the Enzyme to the Microbial Community Level 

Editors: Prof. Dr. Johannes Gescher & Dr. Catarina M. Paquete 


Welcome to the Biofilms 9 website

From September 29 to October 1 2020, the Biofilms 9 was hosted at KIT as an online conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially regarding the situation during the pandemic, we were happy to chair a lively conference with 7 keynotes, 30 talks, 115 poster presentations, 2 live demonstrations of exhibitors and 280 participants from more than 30 countries. 

The session on ‘Biofilm Control’ covered the presentation of established as well as novel approaches for the monitoring and controlling of biofilm development in a variety of technical applications (e.g. membrane-based processes). The presentations in the sessions ‘Biofilm Heterogeneity’ and ‘Biofilm Matrix’ focused on advancing the methods for elucidating biofilm structures. Furthermore, results on the influence of biofilm heterogeneity on the function of biofilms were reported. ‘Biofilm Lifecycle’ addressed scientists, who are interested in the relationships between genetics, signal molecules and regulatory mechanisms in biofilm formation and also biofilm dispersion. Besides these classi­cal research topics of the biofilm community, the conference focused on ‘Productive Biofilms’, a topic that is currently rapidly gaining in importance. Several presentations showcased new breakthroughs in the field of microbial electrosynthesis processes using new aerobic biocatalysts. For further information please see the programme.


The Biofilms 10 will take place from 9 - 11 May 2022 in Leipzig, Germany.

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Biofilm control

Biofilm matrix

Biofilm heterogeneity

Productive biofilms

Biofilm lifecycle and its regulation

Biofilm development

The biofilms 9 online conference was organised by Prof. Dr. Harald Horn, Chair of Water Chemistry and Water Technology (KIT) and Prof. Dr. Johannes Gescher, now at Technical University Hamburg (TUHH).