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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Engler-Bunte-Institut, Water Chemistry and Water Technology

Prof. Dr. Harald Horn

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biofilms 9 proceedings

Proceedings are online (see programme). Download here.

01.09.2020: News

Registration still open. Do not miss to register for attending biofilms 9 conference.

biofilms 9 will be held online

Dear colleagues and friends,

These days everyone of us is facing the news and the development of the spread of COVID-19 (Corona virus). That does have significant consequences to our daily life.

As the current situation is not likely to improve until September to a level that would allow for a traditional conference, we decided that biofilms 9 will take place as online conference only starting on 29 September 2020 at 11:00 am (CEST) and ending on 1 October 2020 6:00 pm (CEST). Especially regarding the current situation, we are happy to chair a lively conference with more than 150 abstracts submitted. We invite you to join the oral and poster sessions. For details on the conference format and presentations, please have a look at the programme.

We are looking forward to virtually meet you at the first online biofilms conference!

The biofilms 9 organising committee

Biofilm control

Biofilm matrix

Biofilm heterogeneity

Productive biofilms

Biofilm lifecycle and its regulation

Biofilm development

The biofilms 9 online conference is organised by Prof. Dr. Harald Horn, Chair of Water Chemistry and Water Technology (KIT) and Prof. Dr. Johannes Gescher, Chair of Applied Microbiology (KIT).