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Call for abstracts

Abstract submission is now open! The deadline for abstract submission is 15 May 2020, 24:00 CET.

Thank you for your interest in the biofilms 9 conference. Please follow the link (button below) to submit your abstract.





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Announcement: Special Issue in Journal Microorganisms

Title Microbe Electrode Electron Transfer: Understanding Interactions from the Enzyme to the Microbial Community Level
Guest Editors Prof. Dr. Johannes Gescher and Dr. Catarina Paquete
Deadline 15 October 2020
Description With this Special Issue we encourage colleagues to submit papers that address: (1) the fundamental microbial biochemistry of extracellular electron transfer onto electrodes; (2) the impact of biofilms and their structure on electron transfer kinetics; (3) the characterization of new biocatalysts acting on the anode or cathode site; (4) as well as the further development of strains for electrode-assisted or driven processes.
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